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Major Timber Products Manufacturer

Our company has manufactured and supplied more than 52 million square feet of wood flooring products to major commercial and industrial projects locally and globally since 1992.
Through the years, we have consolidated our reputation as a major timber products manufacturer in the local and global building and construction industry. We pride ourselves for our consistency in delivering top quality products at affordable prices and excellent customer service to continuously fulfill our clients’ requirements.

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About Us

Delivering top quality products at affordable prices

Our Specialty

We are a trusted quality timber products manufacturer with decades of experience and large production capacity to meet stringent quality standards and unique construction needs for a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects.

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We offer a wide range of timber products including hardwood flooring, wooden decks, ceiling and wall panellings, customised wood inlay designs and more. These products can be produced in large quantities to meet high commercial and industrial demands.

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Our Approach

We are committed to deliver high quality timber products with affordable pricing to our clients on time to facilitate the timely completion of their projects and to maximize their profitability.

Our Approach


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