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A Strategic Collaboration with STAUF Germany

Living up to our company’s reputation as the preferred solid timber flooring solutions provider, we continuously innovate and seek out strategic opportunities to help clients maximize their return on investments for their timber floorings.
Our collaboration with STAUF Germany, the innovative market leader in adhesive and floor treatment technology since 1828, will enable us to offer you patented cutting edge floor treatment solutions to enhance the appearance of your wood flooring; protect it against scratches and wear and tear, and bring out the lasting beauty of your floor.
STAUF, an international company, has chosen to collaborate with RV WOODS as their strategic partner. This is testament and recognition of our company’s expertise and experience in the timber flooring industry. Established in 1999, RV WOODS is well known for its quality products, excellent customer service, and strong technical and advisory support. As a ® trademark registered company, we are committed to offer the best flooring solutions through long-term business partnerships that will benefit our customers.
All STAUF products are tested under strict quality control parameters in their laboratories to deliver unparalleled performance across different floor surface demands, both in domestic and commercial applications. They are also produced based on the highest standards of environmental and health protection.
You can rely on STAUF to preserve the beauty of your floor for many years. With over 185 years of experience in the industry, STAUF is your best choice for care and protection of floor coverings.
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