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Systematic Quality Management to Deliver Top Quality Products

Tailored to client’s specification for total customer satisfaction

Asiawood Lumbers Sdn. Bhd. boasts a production capacity of over 2 million square feet of wood flooring products per year. Before our clients commit to us, they are taken on a tour of our factory where they can personally witness our stringent quality control processes with the use of modern machinery and well-trained workers. Our total quality control Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) extends to all aspects of production:

The 6-Step Production Cycle


1. Sorting and barking

When the logs arrived at the mill, they are carefully sorted and stored according to species, diameter, length and end-use. The bark is also removed from the logs.

2. Sawing or breakdown

The logs are sawed and further broken down so that the lumber can be cut to customised sizes; and any log defects are removed. This process is done with precision, adhering to international standards of measurements and minimising wastage.

3. Sorting and grading

The sawn and trimmed timber is sorted according to thickness, width, length, quality, grade and species. Steps are taken to protect the timber from fungi and insect attack as well as effects of weather extremities.

4. Regrading and surfacing

The dried saw timber is inspected for any defects which may have resulted during the drying process.

5. Drying

The sawn timber is dried in a kiln where temperature, air circulation and humidity are meticulously controlled and monitored to achieve the best results to stabilise the wood and improve its strength and colour.

6. Moulding and Packing

The dried sawn timber will be custom moulded into marketable sizes and profiles, then bundled packed and ready for shipment.

The Factory Virtual Tour


In-house Research Team

We continuously innovate on our timber products with extensive research efforts on new wood species, prevailing construction and interior-decor trends and applications to deliver the latest and best functional and aesthetic solutions for our clients.