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7 Reasons Why Clients Choose To Do Business With Us


Reputable & Reliable Manufacturer

Our company has been in the timber product industry since 1992. Over the years, the company has established a solid reputation as a reliable and innovative manufacturer who is able to deliver bulk orders based on clients’ requirements in a timely manner.

International Quality Recognition

All our timber products meet the highest quality standards set by National Wood Flooring Association of America (NWFA), National Hardwood Lumber Association of America (NHLA), and Malaysian Wood Moulding & Joinery Council (MWMJC). Stringent quality control processes start from raw material selection to final production to ensure the best finished products.

In-house Production Control

Our large factory has the capacity to produce over 2 million square feet of wooden timber products per year. Besides the ability to meet large-scale production demands, our in-house facility allows for thorough quality control and close monitoring of production schedule to meet our clients’ product requirements and delivery deadline.

Competitive Pricing

Asiawood Lumbers Sdn. Bhd,’s timber products are priced at a very competitive rate compared to others offering the same products. Our clients are assured the best value for their money in terms of quality and pricing.

Excellent Customer Service

The company’s caring culture is extended to every single client from the first meeting to after-sale services. Our staff is committed to deliver the best results to our clients and well-trained to tackle any issues during and after the delivery of the goods.

Wide Range of Products & Species

We offer a wide range of timber products and wood species to fulfill a variety of building needs for commercial and residential projects. Our products include hardwood flooring, wooden decks, ceiling and wall panellings, customised wood inlay designs and more.

Comprehensive Inquiry Approach

All our clients are given a tour of our factory to get a first-hand look at our production and processing methods. They also get to check the quality of our finished products followed by a consultation session to give them peace of mind before they decide to do business with us.