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Strong, Sturdy Wooden Crates and Boxes

Customised for various industrial and commercial packing, storage and shipping needs


We offer a wide selection of wooden crates and wooden boxes designed and manufactured using quality pine wood. Our strong and sturdy wooden crates and boxes are built to provide functional storage benefits across various applications, as well as to ensure optimal level of protection against the weather elements when shipping goods ranging from industrial equipment, machinery to furniture and valuables.

By utilising quality materials, along with stringent manufacturing techniques and procedures, our wooden crates and boxes can be efficiently moved with minimal effort, besides ensuring the shipment reach their destination in good condition. We can also supply heat treated wooden crates and boxes with ISPM-15 certification if required for a hassle-free clearance at the Customs or quarantine control centre at the export destination.


Advantages of using Wooden Crates and Wooden Boxes

  1. Offer enhanced level of protection from the weather as they do not react to heat as much as other types of materials.
  2. These wooden crates and boxes can bear heavy loads, able to sustain wear and tear during rough usage and they can protect heavy and delicate goods from damages.
  3. They are very easy and convenient to stack, saving a lot of space on the cargo vessel.
  4. Wooden crates and boxes are repairable and re-useable as most of the dents or damages can be easily fixed.
  5. If you want a special design, they can be conveniently custom-made to fit your needs.
  6. You will have peace of mind knowing that your valuable and high-priced goods are safe and secure as unauthorised tampering or opening the wooden crates and boxes is difficult.
  7. Wood is all-natural; you can use and re-use the wooden crates and boxes minus the worries of contaminating your products or exposing your staff to toxic particles, as well as not harming the environment.




Most commonly used when:

  • You need a lightweight, stackable, inexpensive packaging solution;
  • You are transporting lightweight items like cotton, hay, polythene, etc, or large yet lightweight items;
  • Open crates are ideal for the agricultural and food industry. The sides have spaces between the board to allow the products to breathe, thus reduces spoilage;
  • When you are not shipping via air.


Most commonly used when:

  • When you need complete enclosure to avoid spilling during overseas shipment;
  • To ensure protection from air, wind, water, and transit damages;
  • When you need a durable, highly secure packaging solution;
  • To carry industrial or military equipment weighing anywhere between 1000 to 30,000 pounds (or between 450 kg to 13, 600 kg)


Most commonly used when:

  • Framed wooden crates are closed crates that do not have any sheathing on them. Heavy machinery is commonly shipped using this type of crate.
  • When there is a need to reused multiple times, framed wooden crates is the most ideal option as they can be easily repaired.
  • They also tend to be the least expensive option because of their relatively basic and simple way of construction.


We build wooden crates and boxes to suit goods in all shapes and sizes and they are all made-to-order to fit your specifications. You are assured a quality product that you can feel comfortable, safe and secure shipping your goods in.

We are happy to talk to you about your order’s specific requirements. Send us an Inquiry to get a quote for your order of wooden crates and boxes.