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What are Re-manufactured Wooden Pallets?

Re-manufactured wooden pallets are built out of reclaimed pallet parts or components from used pallets. The re-manufacturing process provides a custom pallet built specifically to meet a customer’s needs, except that it is manufactured with recycled pallet components.

Alternate names for re-manufactured pallets include:

Rebuilt Pallets
Combo Pallets
Hybrid Pallets
Recycled Pallets

Re-manufactured wooden pallets should not be confused with a recycled pallet, where the recycling company recovers from end users, inspects and repairs it as necessary, and then sells it (the recycled pallet) again in its original configuration.

Since we remanufacture from individual used pallet components, we have more control and flexibility in building the custom wooden pallet that best meet clients’ requirement and specifications while being made from recycled parts. This green approach keeps costs down, offers more savings and promotes sustainability of our environment.

Re-manufactured pallets can be custom built to a wide variety of sizes, but are generally limited by the initial size of the recycled pallet wood. If the notched runners are only 48 inches long, then the configuration of the re-manufactured pallet must work with that length too (unless you use runners made with new wood – which will add to the cost).

When to Choose Re-manufactured Wooden Pallets

If your load exceeds the weight or size guidelines of a standard pallet, choose the re-manufactured option. Re-manufactured pallets can be custom built to adjust the spacing or length of deckboards. When you have a lighter load, there are many cost-saving designs ideas engineered to use less lumber. There are almost endless design and production opportunities like the following:

Facts about Remanufactured Wooden Pallets

  1. With remanufactured wooden pallets, price and flexibility are your biggest advantages. They can also be custom built to a wide variety of sizes.
  2. Remanufactured wooden pallets get their wood from recycled pallets that are dismantled after the wooden pallet has been through enough cycles to be beyond repair. As such, you may find previous fastener holes, discoloration, mold, paint, tar, etc. in the wooden pallets.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our re-manufactured pallets are closely inspected and structurally tested to perform as designed, ensuring clients the highest level of quality and functionality.

What are Repaired / Reuseable Wooden Pallets?

Repaired (or recycled pallets) are pallets that are used over and over again until it reaches the point when it can no longer be repaired. While in use, these types of pallets will be repeatedly repaired by replacing, plating, or plugging deck boards and runners so that it can maintain its strength and structure.

Alternate names for repaired pallets:

Repaired pallets are also graded based on their condition and the types of repairs they have undergone. The grade of the wooden pallet not only gives you an idea of what to expect in the way of repairs and condition, but the grade of the pallet usually dictates the price when you buy pallets.

In general, repaired pallets are classified as either A, B, or C.

  1. Grade A Repaired Pallets: These are the best-looking repaired pallets, although they will show wear and discoloration as the wood oxidizes and ages. Grade A repaired pallets have no plugs or companion runners, but they may have plates. Generally, the quality of Grade A pallets is more consistent than lower grade repaired pallets because they’ve been used fewer cycles.
  2. Grade B Repaired Pallets: This grade of repaired pallet has typically experienced damage to at least one of its runners, which means they usually contain plugs or companion runners. Aesthetically, grade B pallets do not look good, and usually can’t be used in store displays. They tend to have a patched look, because of the plugs and companion runners, and they are more worn and discolored than grade A.
  3. Grade C Repaired Pallets: When you buy pallets that are repaired, these are the ugliest you can purchase. Grade C pallets are near the end of their life and have numerous discoloration, may have multiple plugs and companion runners, and will likely have multiple plates. Generally, these are the least reliable repaired pallets on the market.

What is a plug?

A companion stringer or plug is a piece of stringer that’s between 6 inches and 48 inches long, which is nailed to an existing stringer on a pallet. The idea of a plug is to add strength to an existing stringer that is cracked or broken.

What is a plate?

A plate is a rectangular piece of metal that is attached over a crack on a stringer. The metal plate helps to stabilize the stringer and keep the crack from getting any worse or breaking completely.

Facts About Repaired Wooden Pallets

1. The No. 1 advantage of using repaired pallets is the price. If you buy a lot of standard sized repaired pallets, this can translate into huge savings for your company.

2. However, repaired pallets have a tendency to fail more often than new ones; which may account for products being damaged during transit.

Asiawood Lumbers Sdn. Bhd. has the resources, facilities and expertise to deliver the precise pallet options for your logistics needs.

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Our Buy Back Initiative

We buy back old wooden pallets that are in still in good condition for our re-manufacturing and repairing initiatives.

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